About Copydan Archive

Copydan Archives was established in 2007. Copydan Archive's task is to solve the complicated copyright issues associated with recovery and re-use of large broadcast archives.

Copydan Archives was established following the government's Media Agreement (2007-2010). This opened up for DR's collection of old programmes which became accessible on demand to the public. Subsequently Copydan Archives made a contract with DR, which gave DR the opportunity to put large parts of DR´s archives on the internet - both in full or parts of programmes. Among other things, this has resulted in the successful Bonanza site, which premiered in 2008.

A new agreement from 2009 allows DR to republish all or parts of programmes from DR´s archives on the television channels DR K and DR Ramasjang. Both channels premiered on 1st November 2009. The agreement covers both DR's own productions and external works, commissioned by DR.

The contracts with DR are so-called global contracts, which cover all rights categories involved in radio- and television, and include 29 different right organizations.